JAFTO is the leading company for handling the fuel hydrant system and fuel depot at KAIA. This fuel depot and hydrant system needed major modification to bring it up to the recommended JIG standards, which JAFTO made successfully.

JAFTO successfully handles the fuel depot and hydrant system at KAIA. We deliver clean, dry fuel to fueling points in the parking apron. Aircraft fueling requires the highest safety, efficiency, and performance standards, which JAFTO delivers with gusto.

Operation and maintenance of fuel depot and hydrant systems, including operations of fueling and hydrant systems, fuel stock control, fuel farm monitoring, control systems, HSSE, maintenance activities, and quality control.

The modifications at KAIA allowed us to improve the operations and maintenance of their hydrant system, which now delivers quality Jet fuel at incredible efficiency. Our hydrant connects aircrafts at KAIA directly to the point of use, maximizing fuel delivery efficiency.

Our control systems, maintenance, and quality control ensure international best practices and the highest standards that meet JIG and IATA standards.

The depot operations are also held up to the same high standards. We employ expert consultants from the Aviation industry to perform inspections that ensure compliance at all depot operations as well as our other operations.

When you opt for JAFTO's hydrant and depot operations, you can expect the best Jet fuel supply, operations, and efficiency. We provide the best quality products and services held up to the highest international standards.

Quality and customer satisfaction are the drivers of everything we do. JAFTO's mission is to ensure the safety, security, and efficiency of Jet Fuel distribution, operations, and other services for our customers.

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