JAFTO efficiently manages fuel storage of 80 million liters at its aviation network with logistic activities of around 600 million liters, procured from SAUDI ARAMCO bulk plants annually.

We utilize the best practices of fuel storage capacity, strategic storage requirements to meet demands.

We manage fuel logistics, transportation, and strategic storage according to the latest JIG standards and IATA guidelines.

Our supplies accommodate current fuel demands, future demand growth, demand reductions, and a buffer for supply scheduling. JAFTO's fuel storage operations are capable of covering against supply interruptions and developments.

We allow for day-to-day stock fluctuations and seasonal variations to ensure nothing disrupts our supply and fuel storage operations.

We employ expert consultants from the Aviation fuel industry who can perform inspections up to JIG Standards to ensure compliance with all our operations, including fuel storage operations.

When you opt for JAFTO services, you can rest assured regarding any Jet fuel supply, storage, management, and logistics. We provide the best quality products and services that are held up to the highest international standards.

Which enables our services, including fuel storage operations, to meet such high international standards. Quality and customer satisfaction are the drivers of everything we do.

JAFTO's mission is to ensure the safety, security, and efficiency of Jet Fuel distribution, storage, and other services for our customers.

Player in the oil and gas industry while also being the safest and most eco-friendly. Hence, we ensure the best fuel storage operations you can get, among many other top services.

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